Sullivan County

14 Main St, Newport, NH, United States

Sullivan County is one of ten counties in NH, established in 1827. County government is structured as a multi-branch form of government. The three County Commissioners are the Executive Branch, responsible for the day-to-day operations in both fiscal and policy matters, doing so through the appointment of the County Manager. The 13-member County Delegation, also known as the County Convention, is the Legislative Branch of county government and approves the overall County’s operating budget. Other county governmental departments include the: Sheriff’s and Attorney’s offices; Treasurer; Registry of Deeds; Sullivan County Health Care – nursing home and rehabilitation facility; Department of Corrections – jail, Community Corrections Center & TRAILS program; Human Resources Office; Natural Resources and Facilities & Operations, and work in partnership with the Regional Public Health Network Public Health Advisory Council.

Sullivan County offers many volunteer and employment opportunities, as well as workshops and events. To view these opportunities, county departments, services provided, meeting notices & minutes, the current financials and annual statements, visit the County’s website at the following link: The County’s department directory, can be accessed directly through the following link:

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