1 Pleasant St, Claremont, NH, United States

We are an 16+ coffee bar and social club that is an alternative to the typical bar and club scene.  Our goal is to foster a relaxed atmosphere, with up-beat music and interactive events, in order to engage the community to build relationships across socioeconomic lines.  Not only is REMIX a fun gathering place, but it is also a safe environment with inspirational speakers, testimonials and practical resources.  It is a venue where individuals aren’t expected to dress or look a certain way.  “Come as you are” is our motto.

REMIX exists as an expression of LIFE Fellowship Foursquare Church located in Charlestown, NH.  However, our goal is to build intentional relationships within the city of Claremont, NH through engaging the community with a not-so typical meeting place.  We believe there is great potential in Claremont and it begins with the people.  We envision a community that will experience a tremendous shift in their cultural identity by seeing people, of all walks of life, given opportunity to find change, reconcile relationships, and be released in to their God-given purpose.

Our mission is to see lives “REMIXED”: Renewed, Enriched, Missional, Inclusive and Xtreme.  For those who are feeling down in life, we empower and remind them that everyone has value.  We aim to connect those struggling with addiction, depression, homelessness, hunger, unemployment, etc. to the appropriate services already existing in the community.

We are located at 1 Pleasant Street, right in the heart of historic, downtown Claremont.  We are open on Friday nights from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm, but also share our space and resources by hosting community events.

REMIX is not-for-profit, relying entirely on donors, and facilitated by volunteers.  Our business model is “Pay it forward” and all coffee, tea or refreshments that we serve do not have prices. We simply ask that our “customers” give what they can, if they can, toward a great cause! All proceeds go back into supporting the community of Claremont.

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